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Environmental, Planning Appeals, Law, Welshpool, Aberystwyth, Wales

Environmental & Planning Appeals, Law, Mid Wales

Environmental & Planning Appeals and Law in Newtown, Welshpool, Shrewsbury, Aberystwyth, Rhayader, Llanidloes, Powys, Mid Wales

What do we mean?

Environmental and planning laws touch upon all of our lives in one way or another. Conflict between those seeking to safeguard the environment and those wishing to develop land is at an all time high. Consequently, the laws relating to the environment and planning are increasing in their complexity. Milwyn Jenkins & Jenkins are able to advise on a wide range of issues.

You may be a manufacturer with an effluent or emissions problem. You may also be a farmer who has a slurry leak or a chemical spill. You may need advice on the following:-

  • Management of environmental risks and liabilities including contaminated land
  • Water or air pollution
  • Waste management
  • Nuisance such as noise, odour, dust and smoke
  • Ecologically sensitive sites and protected species
  • Planning issues or restrictions

These are just some of a wide variety of potential concerns which can have profound implications for your everyday life and enjoyment.

Click here to arrange an appointment so that Milwyn Jenkins & Jenkins can advise you regarding your legal position and to help you deal with the appropriate authorities. We will fight your corner when needed ensuring that you are treated fairly and correctly. 

What outcomes are there?

Milwyn Jenkins & Jenkins provide advice to our clients on all aspects of planning and   development   law, working closely with other professionals. We help steer clients through the details of the planning system. We can advise on contentious and non-contentious issues whether for you as an individual or your business. Click here to arrange an appointment.

Most businesses are affected by environmental and planning law and regulation. They need to be aware of their responsibilities and potential liabilities. We are able to advise clients through this complex regulatory labyrinth in order to assist them to make the best decisions for their business.

Milwyn Jenkins & Jenkins need to know the precise nature of the problem so that we can advise you fully as we can be dealing with e.g. different departments of the local authority, the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and others. Click here to contact us. 

Who do I need to do?

Contact us so that Milwyn Jenkins & Jenkins can assess your case. Angela Davies-Jones has a particular interest in environmental law and is a member of the UK Environmental Law Association and a contributor to The Environmental Law Review. Mark Harvey is a specialist on planning matters.

Who do I contact?

Our specialist lawyers at Milwyn Jenkins & Jenkins Solicitors will be happy to advise and assist you without obligation in plain English and will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. Telephone us now for a free initial discussion on 01686 412166 or complete our online enquiry form or e-mail us at web@mjjsolicitors.co.uk



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“I was impressed by the efficiency of the service and for the advice given”.            


  • Testimonials

Milwyn Jenkins & Jenkins have handled various transactions for me for over 35 years. Indeed, the firm also acted for my late father since the 1950s. I have always found the service to be excellent and second to none.

Garth Williams, formerly of Dolhafren, Caersws