Revised Fee Rates
As from 1 April 2021
All costs exClude VAT at 20%

Area Work Item Local £
Sale or Purchase
Residential - charge £100 more for leasehold £150k 625
150 - 290k 750
290 - 400k 950
400 - 600k 1,250
600k+ POA

Commercial fee rate 1%
Minimum property fee 595

350 (residential)
650 (commercial)

Stand Alone Deed (eg Transfer & Licence) 400

Severance of JT 200

AST 125
Commercial Partnership Deed 750
Commercial Commercial Lease 750 minimum
Trust Declaration of Trust 250
Family Divorce/Jud Sep 700
Family Pre post-nuptial 750
Family Cohab Agreement 750
Family Consent Order/Separation Agreement 750
Probate Grant (only) 850

Deed of Variation 750
Wills Will Single 195

Will Mirror 300

Will Trust 900
Lasting Powers of Attorney
LPA 300 (single) (i.e. 1 person x 1 LPA)
400 (joint) (i.e 1 person x 2 LPAs or 2 persons x 1 LPA)
500 i.e. 2 persons x 2 LPAs
Misc. Auction Packs Residential 500 for pack plus minimum 250 for additional completion work. Use discretion with regard to scaled fees if appropriate

Auction Packs Commercial/Agricultural 750 plus minimum
250 as above

Statement of Facts/Statutory Declarations 300 (min)

Voluntary Registration 400 (min)
Charge Rates WR 225
Charge Rates AF
Charge Rates CB
Charge Rates KC
Charge Rates RM
Charge Rates SWF 125
Charge Rates
RH 200
Charge Rates DB 125

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Rachel Mole
Sabrina Wiltshire-Fessey

Ruth Hendry

Chartered Legal Executive Probate Practitioner and Conveyancing Practitioner

William Ransford, BA (Hons)

Solicitor / Director and Notary

I first contacted Milwyn Jenkins and Jenkins in 2007 and since that time I have used many of the services that they provide. These have included conveyancing, making a will and making a Lasting Power of Attorney. In addition, the service that they provided to me after the breakdown of my marriage, including the resolution of child arrangements, property and financial issues was of the highest order. Every member of staff that I came in contact with was utterly professional, reliable and courteous. I have and will continue to highly recommend Milwyn Jenkins and Jenkins
Steven Davies, Llandrindod Wells