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Business Advice & Disputes

What do we mean?

This could involve advice on establishing or dissolving a partnership, setting up a limited company (see the Partnership & Company section of this website), advising on liquidation, or some other form of dispute including such matters as:-


Debt recovery

Litigation/Dispute Resolution

It could also be the sale or acquisition of a business – or indeed setting up a new business. Tied in with this, you may also need specialist advice on the acquisition or sale of commercial premises.

How do we work?

Milwyn Jenkins & Jenkins work with a wide network of professionals in many disciplines whose expertise we can call in on your behalf including:-

  • Surveyors
  • Chartered accountants
  • Commercial and residential estate agents
  • Planning consultants
  • Architects
  • Structural and civil engineers
  • Financial advisers
  • Management consultants.

What service do we offer?

Whatever the nature of your dispute, Milwyn Jenkins & Jenkins will provide you with an outline of the solutions available to you, in order to help you decide the best option for your circumstances. Primarily, you want to know what your rights are in any given situation. Contact us. You can benefit from our wide range of experience in a cross-section of legal issues. Then it is a question of how to secure your position. Milwyn Jenkins & Jenkins' expertise covers using a variety of dispute resolution techniques as well as going to Court.

What outcomes can I expect?

The emphasis these days is on alternative dispute resolution in respect of disputes e.g. mediation, arbitration, other forms of negotiation. Milwyn Jenkins & Jenkins deal with matters in a constructive and conciliatory manner. However, realistically, some disputes can only be resolved by going to Court. In such situations, your best interests will be our priority whether you are bringing a claim or having to defend one.

If there is a dispute, will we have to go to Court?

Milwyn Jenkins & Jenkins will consider all of the options with you to include methods of alternative dispute resolution, fully recognising that Court should always be regarded as a last resort.

Court proceedings are driven by timetables imposed by the Court designed to ensure that disputes are efficiently resolved as quickly as possible. Rather than going to Court, other forms of alternative dispute resolution can be arranged at fairly short notice as this is a more informal method of resolution - but one which has to be agreed by all parties.

Funding your dispute?

At the outset Milwyn Jenkins & Jenkins will consider the funding options available to you. Litigation can be expensive. We can tailor our approach according to your needs and circumstances in order to achieve the best possible solution for you.

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Rachel Mole
Sabrina Wiltshire-Fessey

Ruth Hendry

Chartered Legal Executive Probate Practitioner and Conveyancing Practitioner

William Ransford, BA (Hons)

Solicitor / Director and Notary

"I have used the services of Milwyn Jenkins & Jenkins on two separate occasions and have consistently found them to be both friendly and efficient. I would highly recommend them for both probate and conveyancing issues."
Vicky Cowell, Devon